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Lana loves to show off her PekPek technique

We were told she had a great PekPek
We were told she had a great PekPek

After her white lover cannot please her insatiable needs Lana takes her PekPek into her own dainty hands to give herself the orgasm she so deserves. She makes him watch, too, so that he can learn how to best treat a willing and ready pussy. She slowly takes off her clothes, teasing herself by softly dragging the tips of her fingers against her already swollen nipples.

A nice pair of titties, let's see the PekPek
A nice pair of titties, let’s see the PekPek

As her nimble fingers find their way further down her body she can feel the moisture growing between her legs; she can’t ignore that PekPek for much longer! She lays back, her long fingers finding the folds of her pussy and parting them as the other hand gently massages her clit. She slides her fingers in and out of herself, finger fucking herself to completion as her dejected lover masturbates in the corner to the sounds of her solo love making.

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